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Before you trek to a library to find A Commemorative History of Antelope County, Nebraska or Descendants of Floyd Floosickle, 1750-1920, try tapping these online collections of digitized local and family history books—you can search thousands of tomes simultaneously and even save copies to your computer. Be sure to take advantage of the advanced search features noted below, such as wildcards to find spelling variations of names (Rob?son finds Robison and Robeson; Rob*son finds...
The black press created a repository of experiences, hopes and dreams for your African-American ancestors. Discover 11 ways these publications can give you the scoop on your family.
Here's how we found a relative in the FamilySearch free collection of online digitized family history books.
Itching to write your family history? Learn the pros and cons of the various methods for publishing your genealogy here.
Old newspapers' genealogical bounty isn't limited to US kin. We'll show you how to research ancestors in online papers of your family's homeland.
Learn the best way to search for your ancestors at the top websites for digitized newspapers. This article contains a Genealogy How-To Video demonstrating how to find and search free newspapers online.
Cut out hours of research and instantly add branches to your family tree — here's how to find a shortcut to your roots in the pages of published family histories.
Save time researching old journals, magazines and newspapers with online archives that put ancestral answers a click away.
Web sites, books and organizations to help you find your family in the old country.
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