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Learn how to use Google Earth to tackle three common problems when it comes to finding your ancestors, and you'll find you can locate the homes of your ancestors (yes, even if it's now a parking lot!) and pinpoint a location in an old photo.
The black press created a repository of experiences, hopes and dreams for your African-American ancestors. Discover 11 ways these publications can give you the scoop on your family.
See how our genealogy expert used old maps and city directories to trace the history of a 19th-century home—even though the street name, address, and city and county had all changed over time.
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Major libraries and archives are digitizing their collections and sharing them online. Can a family do the same with its treasures?
Track down your Irish ancestors in civil records using this map of poor law unions.
Many Irish records have been lost to fire and time, but a crucial group survives: civil registrations. Learn how to find and use these official records of your ancestors’ births, marriages and deaths.
Here's how we found a relative in the FamilySearch free collection of online digitized family history books.
Q. What happened to the 1890 US census?
See the ethnic makeup of your ancestor's community with ethnographic maps, like this one of Manhattan in 1890.
Find your family's church records, and you'll be counting your genealogical blessings. These six steps will help you uncover the ancestral revelations in religious documents.
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