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Don't let your family history wind up in a dumpster or shredder. Glean critical ancestral information from these six genealogy sources—before they disappear.
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How many countries were drawn into the First World War? Here's a timeline of major WWI war declarations.
You may be able to learn more about your relative's WWI service by researching at the state level for the place where he enlisted or was drafted.
Can't find your ancestor in the US federal census? Special censuses might be your answer. Check out this exercise from author Nancy Hendrickson.
Check out this map of the Battle of Olustee, the only major Civil War conflict to be fought on Floridian soil.
Itching to write your family history? Learn the pros and cons of the various methods for publishing your genealogy here.
Unlock genealogy clues all year long. Each week, look for one of these 52 key family history sources that can turn up in the most surprising spots.
When two census years have conflicting birth year information, how do you determine which is correct?
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In this Q&A, David Fryxell outlines a strategy for creating a source citation for a marriage record found in probate records.
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In this Q&A, David Fryxell reveals how to research your ancestors in poorhouse records.
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