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Whether your ancestors lived in a state-land or public-land state affects the land records you'll look for. Learn which states fall into which category.
Find your ancestors' Great War service records, casualty records and more with the help of these top 10 websites for WWI research.
Q. I'd like to transcribe my great-grandfather's journals for my family. He spelled phonetically, with no punctuation and little capitalization. Should I copy the journals exactly as he wrote them? How do I indicate an unknown word? Should I include copies of all the journal pages, or just portions?
Q. I'm researching in records from Germany and Luxembourg, and I keep coming across “house names.” What are they and how do they factor into my research?
Genealogists are singing the praises of volunteers for the National Park Service's Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System Web site with information from millions of soldier records.
Cut out hours of research and instantly add branches to your family tree — here's how to find a shortcut to your roots in the pages of published family histories.
Investigate the mysteries of your family history in county courthouse records across the country — without leaving home.
These major publishers of genealogical CDs offer collections of courthouse records.
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