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Understand how to read the Dawes Rolls to find your Native American heritage.
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We'll show you how to use old records, maps and photos to recreate the place your family called home, and open a window into their lives.
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Learn how to understand Ethnographic Maps
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Don't let magnetic photo albums destroy your family photos.
Find Your Ancestors in the New York State Census.
Church records can reveal immigrant ancestors' origins, provide mystery parents' names, stand in for missing birth records and more. Our guide will help you find church registers, baptism and marriage records, and more.
Old newspapers' genealogical bounty isn't limited to US kin. We'll show you how to research ancestors in online papers of your family's homeland.
Trace your immigrant ancestors with the help of these five websites.
Have an American Indian ancestors? Learn how to find and use US tribal censuses.
Learn how to find the military service records for your American ancestors, then mine the records for genealogy clues.
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