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If you're wondering which records you should use to research your family tree, look no further. More likely than not, these 10 types of genealogy records will figure into your family tree research.
When two census years have conflicting birth year information, how do you determine which is correct?
In this Q&A, David Fryxell outlines a strategy for creating a source citation for a marriage record found in probate records.
In this Q&A, David Fryxell reveals how to research your ancestors in poorhouse records.
Learn how to use photo-editing software to read your ancestors' illegible gravestones.
Learn all about what cemetery records you can find and how they can benefit your genealogy research in this month's podcast.
What was business as usual for your ancestors could yield big genealogical payoffs for you. Achieve maximum returns by taking our career-searching advice to find and use occupational records.
There's more to the census than those every-10-years counts. These "extra" censuses of select populations may have just the ancestor answers you need.
Understand how to read the Dawes Rolls to find your Native American heritage.
We'll show you how to use old records, maps and photos to recreate the place your family called home, and open a window into their lives.
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