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Find out how 30 family historians hurdled their research brick walls and achieved genealogical success.
Expert answers on researching Colonial Americans before the first US census in 1790.
That bothersome brick wall may be just a detour, not the end of your research road. We'll help you determine the difference and, if possible, navigate a new route to ancestor answers.
Multiple men with the same name are vying for your genealogical affection. Any of them could be your ancestor. Here are nine ways to ensure that you've found "the one" before you commit.
Birds of a feather flock together—and so did your ancestors, leaving valuable clues with their clusters of family, friends and neighbors. Here's how cluster genealogy can get your research off the ground.
Discover genealogical hints and clues in panoramic maps.
Searching for immigrant ancestors? This article offers tips on tracking down passenger lists to find when and where our relatives immigrated to the US.
Discover five powerful ways online maps can help you solve research problems and envision your ancestors’ world. This article contains a Genealogy How-To Video demonstrating how to use online maps for your genealogy research.
Discover how to glean genealogy clues from your ancestors' wills.
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