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Got a wee bit (or more) of Scottish ancestry? You're in luck: The best records for researching ancestors in Scotland are online, and we'll show you where.
Use our guide to research your Italian roots and fall in love with the heritage of your famiglia.
Old German handwriting can be hard to read, let alone translate. Check out these seven resources for deciphering Fraktur, the Gothic script used in German genealogy records.
Have you looked in all the usual places for your Irish ancestors? It's time to try something different—like these six overlooked sources for tracing roots in Ireland.
Many people get interested in their Scottish roots through family stories about their clan or tartan. But what is a clan exactly?
Discover the best 2016 genealogy websites for researching your African-American ancestry.
Free online resources for finding African-American ancestors.
Expert advice for learning about your Italian ancestor's military service.
When you're tracing Jewish ancestors during the Holocaust, knowing the history of the era can help you figure out where your relatives might be. This timeline will get you started.
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