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Follow these six steps to use Griffith's Valuation to your advantage.
Expert answers to your genealogy questions: Searching for a kidnapped Scot in the Carolinas in the 1700s.
Were your African-American ancestors part of the massive 20th-century Great Migration to Northern cities? We’ll show you the best records for retracing their steps.
A look at cities' shifting populations during the African-American Great Migration of 1910-1940.
Deutsch nicht sprechen? You're not alone. While many of us have German ancestors, few of us speak the same language as our forefathers. Check out this excerpt from Family Tree Magazine's German Genealogy Guide to help you understand the basics of the German language and learn about some common naming practices that can help in researching your Deutsch ancestors.
Many Jewish families had loved ones vanish in the Holocaust. Surviving records can help you discover the fates of the missing.
When you're tracing Jewish ancestors during the Holocaust, knowing the history of the era can help you figure out where your relatives might be. This timeline will get you started.
Does your family lore tell of an American Indian ancestor? Use these essential resources to trace your family's tribal ties.
Expert advice for learning about your Italian ancestor's military service.
Got a wee bit (or more) of Scottish ancestry? You're in luck: The best records for researching ancestors in Scotland are online, and we'll show you where.
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