September 2011 Articles
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How do I learn more about a Civil War ancestor who was a prisoner of war?
Learn how to preserve your online legacy and archive your e-mails.
The ability to take your tree with you and to view attached records makes this irresistible for any iPad- or iPhone-owning genealogist.
If you already own Reunion for the Mac and an iPad, this is a no-brainer -- maybe the best $14.99 you've ever spent on genealogy.
Pinpointing the county in which your family lived during a given year is easy, thanks to the Newberry Library's Atlas of Historical County Boundaries.
Ancestors in their own words.
Beat your brick walls by following the law. Our guide reveals how studying old statutes can lead to ancestor answers.
Traverse the peaks and valleys of your family tree with our guide to tracing Appalachian ancestry.
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