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Start delving into the details of your ancestors' daily lives by exploring 10 of our favorite (and free!) social history websites.
Each month, the editors of Family Tree Magazine will bring you a genealogy challenge to help you use your research in new and exciting ways.
Your ancestors' culture and faith influenced the dates in your family tree. Use these religious calendar tools to discover family traditions and calculate birth dates.
We may be bonkers for it, but bacon was no biggie for our ancestors. Learn how this humble pork product evolved from Great-great-grandma's breakfast fare to a gourmet chef's favorite food.
Well-behaved women rarely make history. Learn about these 31 history-making women—some famous, others working under the radar—who made a difference.
Innovations and trends that shaped your ancestors' lives.
Innovations and trends that shaped our ancestors' lives.
If your ancestors immigrated in the second half of the 1800s, they probably crossed the Atlantic by steamboat. Discover the history behind this method of travel.
How the electric fan and air conditioning changed the way our ancestors kept their cool.
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