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How did the elevator shape our ancestor's lives and change the way they lived?
Innovations and trends that shaped your ancestors' lives. In this issue: A history of the end of the world.
Myths abound about why Napoleon tucked his hand into his waistcoat in portraits. Did he have a stomachache? Warts on his hand? We'll explain the French emperor's trademark pose.
There may be no need to reinvent the wheel, but an internal combustion engine changed how our ancestors lived their lives.
Learn about your ancestors who strived for liberté, fraternité and égalité with this map of the French during and after the French Revolution.
How did our ancestors go from eating with their hands to using knife, fork and spoon? Discover the surprisingly fascinating development of cutlery.
Your ancestors didn't have a Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker to guide the way in the kitchen. Read on to discover the history of cookbooks.
Some Independence day traditions have been around a long time; others are more recent. Take a look at Fourth of July facts by the numbers.
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