Social History Articles
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Innovations and trends that shaped your ancestors’ lives. Today, let's listen to the history of an invention that has saved many of our ancestors' lives: the stethoscope.
A look at cities' shifting populations during the African-American Great Migration of 1910-1940.
Find out more about the WPA projects your Great Depression-era ancestors worked on.
As Ireland's Great Famine demonstrated, many of our ancestors' lives depended on the potato. Find out how the potato came to be a staple on farms and in kitchens everywhere.
Innovations and trends that shaped your ancestors’ lives: The schoolhouse blackboard.
Don’t let these three common historical “myth-takes” prevent you from discovering the true stories of your ancestors.
Often-repeated myths about our ancestors can keep us from understanding their lives. Use these tips, books and websites to bust those beliefs and reveal the truth about your family history.
Take a look at a historical map that shows a common public health concern in our ancestors' time: Tuberculosis.
Innovations and trends that shaped your ancestors' lives: Sunglasses.
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