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Set yourself up to make your genealogy research efforts successful in 2016, with ideas for organizing your work with spreadsheets, top tips for making sure you're adding the correct person to your family tree, and more!
An unusual surname is a valuable tool for a family historian. Discover six strategies to use the oddball names in your tree to your greatest genealogical advantage.
Sticking to your favorite websites can give you a narrow picture of your ancestor. Let our six questions lead you down a new path—to untapped resources and a wider view of your family tree.
It's easy to mix up your relative with someone else’s in old records. But you can avoid an ancestor identity crisis when you follow these seven strategies.
How do you go from your ancestor’s name in a printed or online index to the original record? Just follow this seven-step system.
In this month's episode, wrap up the year with Lisa Louise Cooke and her tips on using the cloud to back up your genealogy research online.
You've got questions about discovering, preserving and celebrating your family history; our experts have the answers. Her, get advice on finding an early-1800s ancestor in North Carolina.
In this month's episode, learn how to break down those brick walls in your family tree with fantastic tips and tools from Lisa Louise Cooke and her guests.
No one's research is immune to bad dates, faulty facts and even downright lies. Learn how to diagnose—and cure—five common genealogical ills.
This month's theme is all about conquering courthouse records. Join Lisa Louise Cooke and guest Sunny Morton to learn 4 tips to learn how to use courthouse records in your family search and create a plan that will lead to finding good leads, without wasting your time!
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