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Learn all about what cemetery records you can find and how they can benefit your genealogy research in this month's podcast.
Not all of's records will show up in a surname search. Discover the hidden gems in the card catalog.
There's no shortage of British records to document your family history. Follow these steps to find your English ancestors online.
What's in a name? Quite a bit of history, for those of us whose names are handed down through generations.
Did your ancestor work for the railroad? Watch this short video to get some tips on where to start your research to find out what railroad they worked for, and what records might exist.
Do you have a president in your genealogy? Trace your roots to the White House with this step-by-step guide.
Family Tree Magazine is celebrating our 100th episode with this special, hour-long podcast. From unusual surnames to special censuses, get the great genealogy search tips and tools, we revisit five highlights from the past few years.
Is hard-to-buy-for Aunt Helen the family repository for recipes, photo albums and keepsakes? Does Grandpa Joe archive all of your family's facts and dates in his head, not to mention all those lesser-known scintillating tidbits? If you need holiday gift ideas for your genealogically inclined relatives, look no further!
Learn how to kickstart your genealogy research by using the popular internet auction site eBay
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