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Updating your software or computer and are worried about losing your genealogy research? Utilize these resources to ensure the safety of your hard work while making that technical upgrade.
How do you know when to turn off the microfilm reader and turn on the word processor? Find out what it takes to record your family history. It's easier than you think!
This month’s theme is Rooting Out Research Mistakes. Host Lisa Louise Cooke interviews contributing editors Sunny Morton and Nancy Hendrickson for tips on how to keep your genealogy clean of errors. Plus, learn how to correct mistakes on
This month’s theme is Archiving Family Photos. Host Lisa Louise Cooke interviews the Family Curator, Denise May Levenick, for tips on photo organizing secrets, editor Diane Haddad offers 25 keepsake family photo projects and Lisa provides strategies for navigating the Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online Catalog.
Fourth cousins? Third cousins two times removed? Figure out exactly how you're related to cousin-so-and-so in four steps.
Distant cousins can swap family stories, share photos and add to your family tree. How do you find them? Try these 10 techniques.
This month’s theme is Source Citations Made Easy. Lisa interviews guests about key strategies for creating simple source citations, including Shannon Combs Bennett, instructor of the course Source Citations for Regular People. Plus, Lisa walks through how to use WorldCat’s source documentation tool.
It's easy to recreate and share a family heirloom diary, album or series of letters—while keeping the original safe and sound.
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