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In this month's episode, learn how to break down those brick walls in your family tree with fantastic tips and tools from Lisa Louise Cooke and her guests.
No one's research is immune to bad dates, faulty facts and even downright lies. Learn how to diagnose—and cure—five common genealogical ills.
This month's theme is all about conquering courthouse records. Join Lisa Louise Cooke and guest Sunny Morton to learn 4 tips to learn how to use courthouse records in your family search and create a plan that will lead to finding good leads, without wasting your time!
This month's theme is Tracing Your Military Ancestors. Learn how to find info on your female veteran ancestors, what military records you can find on, how to find US military records and how to share your veteran ancestor's story.
Birds of a feather flock together—and so did your ancestors, leaving valuable clues with their clusters of family, friends and neighbors. Here's how cluster genealogy can get your research off the ground.
Short on time? You can do these 14 genealogy projects on your lunch hour.
We are back with another installment of the Family Tree Magazine Podcast. This episode is all about getting organized so you can quickly store and secure your genealogical findings and build your portfolio.
Updating your software or computer and are worried about losing your genealogy research? Utilize these resources to ensure the safety of your hard work while making that technical upgrade.
How do you know when to turn off the microfilm reader and turn on the word processor? Find out what it takes to record your family history. It's easier than you think!
This month’s theme is Rooting Out Research Mistakes. Host Lisa Louise Cooke interviews contributing editors Sunny Morton and Nancy Hendrickson for tips on how to keep your genealogy clean of errors. Plus, learn how to correct mistakes on
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