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Which DNA Test Is Right For Me?
Click the e-book, Which DNA Test Is Right For Me?, to download. This free e-book contains some of Family Tree Magazine’s best tips and tricks for saving time and money on DNA tests.

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Your 30-minute dose of genealogy resources, tips and fun, hosted by Lisa Louise Cooke. In the June 2016 episode, learn how to maximize military records to learn about your ancestor's military service.

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Family History Writing Tools

This article is all about the tools that will help you start writing your ancestor's stories. Read more!

Home Run Heritage

Hit it out of the park with this article's tips for researching your athletic ancestors, from high school and community players to professionals.

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Brick Walls webinar
Research Trips to Overcome Genealogy Brick Walls

We all have those pesky brick walls in our genealogy research - the missing maiden name, the ancestor who just seems to disappear, missing records... all the things that keep your tree from growing. However, not all brick walls are insurmountable. Find ways to climb over, dig under, or go around several common brick walls in this 60-minute webinar. Learn more!

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Get the key to successful genealogy research by learning tips and tricks for making source citations painless. Source Citations for Successful Genealogy

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Sometimes writing down your personal family history can be difficult or emotional. Try your best to be true. Read the Genealogy Insider's latest blog, "To Write or Not to Write: Respecting Privacy in Family-History Storytelling"
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