Census Forms

To download a form: Click TEXT or PDF next to the name of the form. Depending on your browser, the form will either open immediately or instruct you to save the file to your hard drive. If you open the text forms directly, you can save them to your hard drive by pulling down your File menu and selecting Save As. You can also print forms by pulling down your File menu and selecting Print.

Census checklist
On this form, note which US censuses you've researched for each ancestor.

1790 Census Worksheet PDF 

1800-1810 Census Worksheet PDF | TEXT

1820 Census Worksheet PDF | TEXT

1830 Census Worksheet PDF | TEXT

1840 Census Worksheet PDF | TEXT

1850 Census Worksheet PDF | TEXT
(includes slave schedule)

1860 Census Worksheet PDF | TEXT
(includes slave schedule)

1870 Census Worksheet PDF | TEXT

1880 Census Worksheet PDF | TEXT

1900 Census Worksheet PDF | TEXT

1910 Census Worksheet PDF | TEXT

1920 Census Worksheet PDF | TEXT

1930 Census Worksheet PDF | TEXT
1940 Census Worksheet PDF

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