Here’s a list of the cheat sheets currently available in this category. Check back often as we’ll continue to add new ones.

Canadian Provinces Fast Facts
This chart shows you at a glance when each province formed, when civil registration began and where to go for records.

African-American Genealogy Resources
Get a roundup of the best Web sites, books and organizations for tracing African-American roots.

Hungarian Counties
Many Central and Eastern European immigrants came to America during the height of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. If your family came from one of the Hungarian controlled areas—including parts of present-day Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Ukraine—consult this list of old Hungarian county names and their equivalents in other languages for help locating records.

Genealogy Glossaries
If your research takes you into foreign records, our cheat sheets of commonly encountered terms can help you decipher the language.


Family Tree's Passport to Europe CD

Our genealogical tips and tools on this CD will help you discover your family's history in 20 countries and regions, and follow your relatives' trans-Atlantic migration.

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