Immigration Forms

The forms on this page are for transcribing names of and information about early immigrants you find on customs lists (the name for early passenger lists) and ship manifests (more-modern passenger lists). Due to changing immigration laws, shipping companies had to record different information about passengers through the years. Record your ancestor's passenger information on the form corresponding to the year he or she immigrated to America.

To download a form: Click TEXT or PDF next to the name of the form. Depending on your browser, the form will either open immediately or instruct you to save the file to your hard drive. If you open the text forms directly, you can save them to your hard drive by pulling down your File menu and selecting Save As. You can also print forms by pulling down your File menu and selecting Print.

Customs list 1821-1882 PDF 

Customs list 1883-1897 PDF 

Passenger list 1897-1903 PDF

Passenger list 1903-1907 PDF

Passenger list 1907-1913 PDF

Passenger list 1913-1917 PDF

Passenger list 1917-1942 PDF

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