Record References

Don’t waste time searching for records that don’t exist—these cheat sheets list available records and time periods.

Here’s a list of the cheat sheets currently available in this category. Check back often as we’ll continue to add new ones.

Naturalization Laws Timeline
What laws might have affected your ancestors when they immigrated to America? Knowing the restrictions and guidelines in place will help you identify records to consult.

Records Checklist
Think you've hit a brick wall? Don't assume you're stuck yet—use this rundown of record types to guide you to other records you haven't checked.

War Service Reference Guide
From the American Revolution to the Vietnam War, most families have members who served in the military. View a timeline of US conflicts, plus our birth date chart serves as a quick guide to telling which major war your ancestor likely served in.

Where to Look for 1880 DDD Supplemental Census Records
This state-by-state listing helps you find the 1880 supplemental schedules of “defective, dependent and delinquent classes” for your ancestor's state. 

Vital Records Chart
See at a glance the years that each US state began keeping state-level birth, marriage and death records. (Note that many counties began recording these events earlier.)
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