Genealogy News Corral, Feb. 10-14

Genealogy News Corral, Feb. 10-14

Happy Valentine's Day and President's Day weekend! This President's Day weekend, Feb. 15 to 17, America's National Parks are offering free entrance days. Find a park to visit here. The National Park Service's Free Entrance Days announcement also lists free entrance days later in the year, so you can...

Happy Valentine’s Day and President’s Day weekend!

  • We don’t often think about slavery in northern US states, but a new website called Mapping Slavery in Detroit documents a University of Michigan project to explore the history of slavery in Detroit. A chart shows stats on slaves and free African-Americans from censuses in 1773, 1779, 1782 and 1810, and an interactive map shows slavery-related sites.
  • A Facebook post led me to a website about an Underground Railroad route along a road I often travel here in Cincinnati. Hamilton Avenue Road to Freedom has background information, a map, photos and more.

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