Genealogy Browser Toolbars

Genealogy Browser Toolbars

Want to save time surfing for genealogy information? A free genealogy web browser toolbar might do the trick. Your browser toolbar is the thingie at the top of your Web browser window with buttons that let you go to the last Web page you were on, bookmark pages, see recently...

Want to save time surfing for genealogy information? A free genealogy web browser toolbar might do the trick.

Your browser toolbar is the thingie at the top of your Web browser window with buttons that let you go to the last Web page you were on, bookmark pages, see recently viewed pages, etc.

Web sites can create their own toolbars for frequent users; you can download one and add it it to your browser to easily link to the site’s main pages or use certain features of the site without actually having to go there.

You can download a toolbar for just about anything, including using Facebook, searching Google and generating Mapquest maps. A genealogy toolbar might have search boxes for one or more search engines, menus of bookmarked genealogy Web sites, and other shortcuts. You might be able to customize the toolbar’s appearance and settings.

Sometimes toolbars come with spyware or adware, so before you download one, look for an online review or check the developer’s Web site for a reassurance that you won’t get these nasty surprises. Also, make sure the toolbar works with your favorite Web browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) and that it’s easy to uninstall if you change your mind.

Here are some genealogy toolbars we’ve learned about:

  • The My Genealogy toolbar has dropdown menus of categorized links to genealogy websites. Download it from here or here. It works with Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • The Malhamdale Local History Group of Yorkshire, England, created a toolbar with links to the group’s site and other genealogy websites. It works with Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox (though Firefox users are directed to a help page).
  • The Manchester and Lancashire (England) Family History Society launched a genealogy toolbar that provides links to more than 200 useful British genealogy sites. It’s regularly updated, and you can configure settings such as which web site categories to display.
  • The Family Genie toolbar works with Firefox (it’s supposed to work in Internet Explorer, but CNET reviewers couldn’t get it to). It has first- and last-name search boxes and a single dropdown menu of search engines, as well as a menu of bookmarked genealogy sites.
  • If you’re an member, you can download the toolbar for quick access to links on It also lets you easily save links and add photos and text from any web page to your Ancestry tree.
  • Google is a handy genealogy tool for searching on ancestors’ names, getting language translations, locating addresses and more; and you can make more use of it than ever with help from resources such as our Googling Your Genealogy webinar and the book Google Your Family Tree by Daniel M. Lynch. The Google toolbar isn’t just for genealogists, but you’ll appreciate the shortcuts to the search engine’s features.

If you know of a genealogy toolbar not mentioned here, click Comments and tell us about it.

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  1. Unhappy with other toolbars I found, I put together a free toolbar of hundreds of websites specific to genealogy research – mostly US, but some other countries too, plus map sites, vital records info, cemeteries, newspapers – most all of them are free sites, too. Subscription sites are in a tab by themselves. And I’m always adding to it as I find more great sites, or when folks send me suggestions. Its an easy download and you can uninstall it if you don’t like it. (Doesn’t currently work with the new Mac SnowLeopard tho, but working to get that fixed).

    Its a free download at

  2. Tried to download Family Genie Toolbar for Firefox. Was unable to. A box comes up with the heading Incompatible Extension, in the box it says &quot;Family Genie&quot; will not be installed because it does not provide secure updates. It installed with no problem on my IE with no problem, but I use Firefox most of the time.

  3. I am an member, and was excited to see they have a toolbar. I have Internet Explorer 8 as my browser. When I downloaded the toolbar, my browser would not work, and I had to uninstall ancestry’s toolbar to get my browser back. So apparently, that toolbar is not compatible with IE8.

  4. has a real genealogy toolbar witch includes a search engine that you can really use to find relatives (dead or alive) covering more than one billion records. Also allow you to contact members of your family that have the toolbar as well with a nice video/audio/chat feature.
    If you have a family site with, you will be notified of all the events in your family tree (never to miss one more birthday or anniversary), read your email, visit your family site, add family photos, and view the family calendar, all in one click.
    All this in English and 25 additional languages.

    You can download it for free from

    Daniel Horowitz
    Genealogy and Translation Manager
    MyHeritage Ltd.

  5. Great post Diane! And I’d like to add the Genealogy Gems Toolbar to the mix. It’s available for free download at

    It features a podcast player that plays all episodes of The Genealogy Gems Podcast, The Family History Podcast, and The Family Tree Magazine Podcast, a highlighter pen for web pages, buttons to my blog and your terrific blog, buttons for Gem videos, twitter and facebook, a button packed full of the best free genealogy research sites, and an email notifier so you can track your inbox wherever you go on the web.


    We have created the Looking 4 Kin Genealogy Web Browser Toolbar especially for all family and local historians.

    It is packed full with useful weblinks to all our main pages and to a host of useful sites genealogy sites.

    It integrates seamlessly with the users browser (IE, Firefox, Safari) to provide instant access to family history sites. The toolbar is completely Free and Safe to download and use and has been developed for use by Family Historians There is no Adware or Spyware and you have full control of the toolbar, including an easy uninstall procedure.

    The toolbar uses google to search.