Genealogy News Corral: Aug. 2-6

Genealogy News Corral: Aug. 2-6

More than 30,000 early-20th century marriage records from Troy, NY, are indexed online at the Troy Irish Genealogical Society. You can read more about the project, a collaboration between the society and the Rensselaer County Clerk’s office, at the New York History blog. Families is a new app for...

  • Families is a new app for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that works in conjunction with the windows-based family tree program Legacy Family Tree. You can transfer Legacy family files from your PC to your mobile device, then view and edit them. (You’ll need to download a free program called Families Sync to your PC in order to transfer the files.) Families is available at the Apple App store. Learn more on the Families website.

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  1. The links on your article on &quot;Families&quot; seemed to be circular so I went looking on the Apple Apps. store but could not find it. I found several other mobile genealogy apps. in the store but nothing which looked like the one you described. Could you give us a functional link please.