On a Genealogy Roll: My Research Finds

On a Genealogy Roll: My Research Finds

This is the year I was expecting to put genealogy aside while I run after a toddler and pry pieces of dog food out of his mouth. But I've been on a lucky streak, genealogically speaking. I made Some finds in January: A couple of weeks ago, I was editing...

This is the year I was expecting to put genealogy aside while I run after a toddler and pry pieces of dog food out of his mouth. But I’ve been on a lucky streak, genealogically speaking. I made Some finds in January:

  • Then I tried out the Genealogy Today data service after I saw an announcement the Surname Search was updated. I try out resources on my family names, though I never expect much when I type in Haddad. But this time, the hit I got partially answered a longstanding question. The site has indexes from biennial reports of a Texas orphanage, which list my grandfather and his two siblings as “inmates.” I knew my grandfather and his brother were there, but their sister’s whereabouts at that time had been a mystery.

To top it all off, my husband asked for help with his family history, which is kind of like getting a present, so we did some genealogy together. Now I just hope I didn’t jinx it, and this lucky streak continues.

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  1. Would the orphange be the Oddfellows Orphange? That is the only one that I am familiar with in Corsicanna. If it is, my grandfather and his two brothers were among the first residence of it just after it opened. My great grandmother was the first widow in the Oddfellows Widow’s Home next door.
    The Grand Lodge of the Oddfellows is located on the old grounds of the home. You can call them and get more information and get copies of the actual admissions records. Also there is an alumni organization (kids who lived there) that printed a book with all kinds of information in it.It is very descriptive of their lives there.

  2. The Collin’s Street Bakery was in downtown Corsicana in the early 1900’s. My aunt’s old folks home was just around the corner. As a child my father purchased from them on a regular basis. In the 1960’s I sold, as a fund raiser for our school band, their fruit cakes that are so popular around Christmas. The bakery in the 1970’s moved to a new location on 7th avenue. Just across the street from my aunt’s business. I remember meeting and having a grand tour of the new bakery after it’s opening. They have since built two more stores and and reopened the original location. If you are on I-35 north of Waco, TX you can stop and see pictures of the original location.


  3. Hi, Judy and Shelia, my grandfather and his siblings were at the State Orphans Home, which I understand was next door to the IOOF home. I’ve received my grandfather’s admission records from the Texas Youth Commission and learned a lot of new family information.

    This Christmas, I plan on ordering a fruit cake from the bakery:)

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