FamilySearch Power-User Tip: Find New & Updated Genealogy Collections

FamilySearch Power-User Tip: Find New & Updated Genealogy Collections

Are you looking to use FamilySearch like a pro? Check out these tips, and be sure to register for our upcoming course!


Recently I followed our own advice (from the popular Unofficial Guide to FamilySearch book, and now our Become a Power User online course) to check for recently added or updated record collections at the free FamilySearch website. It’s easy to do:

1. On the FamilySearch home page, hover over Search and choose Records.

how-to use family search pro tips

2. On the Search page, choose Browse All Published Collections. (This link may appear below the gray box, depending how wide your browser window is.)

how-to use family search pro tips

3. Finally, click Last Updated to bring all the new or newly updated collections to the top.

how-to use family search pro tips

I discovered a new collection with record images, Kentucky, County Marriages, 1797-1954. I found marriage registers or certificates for a bunch of relatives, including my great-great-grandparents, married the day before Thanksgiving, 1900:

And this register clued me into a missing person in my tree:

how-to use family search pro tips

I didn’t have Josephine, born when her mother was 48, in my tree. She married Herman H. Brink Sept. 22, 1885.



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  1. There are digitized rolls of film on Family Search that are NOT listed on the Records page. I found one example of Portage County, Ohio Deed Indexes that are available digitally. The only way to find them is to search the Catalog for Portage County, Ohio and then look under Land &amp; Property. Then click on Deed Records and you will find that two rolls of indexes are available digitally. On the far right of the roll listing there is a camera symbol instead of a roll of film. When you click on the camera it brings up the roll of film. This is in a different format that of other digitized records. These are the only rolls I have found so far, but there are probably others.

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