Genealogy News Corral: New Online Records

Genealogy News Corral: New Online Records

This week’s roundup (late from last week or, as I prefer to see it, early for this week) focuses on record additions to genealogy database sites:The free Western Maryland's Historical Library added Washington County documents including tax records (1803 to 1804), sheriff’s prison records (1804 to 1806) and court records...

This week’s roundup (late from last week or, as I prefer to see it, early for this week) focuses on record additions to genealogy database sites:

  • New on FamilySearch‘s free record search pilot: 1920 US census indexes (no record images for this one) for Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois and Massachusetts; and Arkansas marriages (with images) from 1837 to 1957 in Clay, Crittendon, Desha and Monroe counties.
  • Subscription site Footnote ($69.95 per year) added Cherokee resources including the Guion Miller Rolls (info and free index on and Cherokee Indian Agency records, plus Civil War Union service records from Kentucky, Southern Claims Commission approved claims from Alabama and Georgia, and two historical newspapers.

What’s up Footnote’s sleeve? Vietnam service awards and photos, Eastern Cherokee Applications of the US Court of Claims, and Southern Claims Commission approved claims for Virginia and West Virginia.

  • Subscription-based Family Tree Connection ($29.95 per year), which focuses on smallish record sets, has more names and images in its collections of WWII ration books and association reports and rosters.
  • Subscription site ($155.40 per year) is adding family histories (usually, at least one per day; see the recent additions page for titles) and updated obituary collections from the US, UK and Ireland, and Australia and New Zealand.

Coming soon: a recently discovered 1890 census fragment listing black farmers in Delaware, South Dakota territorial and state census images, returns from US military posts (regular reports that include names of people stationed there), and WWII draft cards from Illinois.

If you know of content additions not included here, by all means, click Comments (below) and share the news.

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  1. How do you get to the Recent Additions Page at from home page? I got there using your link but I want to know how to get there the regular way.

  2. No problem! If you scroll down to the "What’s Happening At" section, you see a list of new or updated databases. Under those and a little to the right is a link to "View all new records." That’s the one you want.

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