Our Second Life in Civil War America Sweepstakes Winner

Our Second Life in Civil War America Sweepstakes Winner

In honor of the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, each week we're giving away Family Tree Magazine's Life in Civil War America book! Here's our second winner:To enter, like Family Tree Magazine on Facebook and share on our page a Civil War ancestor story or a...

In honor of the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, each week we’re giving away Family Tree Magazine‘s Life in Civil War America book! Here’s our second winner:

To enter, like Family Tree Magazine on Facebook and share on our page a Civil War ancestor story or a tidbit from our Life in Civil War America webinar or Life in Civil War America book. You can also enter by posting a comment on any Genealogy Insider post about Life in Civil War America (like this one).

Each Friday in April, a winner will be chosen from that week’s comments and wall posts, and they will be notified by an announcement on Family Tree Magazine‘s Facebook page. The four winners will each receive a copy of the Life in Civil War America book. Check our Facebook page and Genealogy Insider blog frequently for upcoming posts where we’ll comment on and/or answer the questions we receive about Life in Civil War America.

The sweepstakes starts April 6, and runs through April 29.

Need more details? Read the official rules here.

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  1. I am loving this Civil War news and resources. My husband’s ggg grandfather Conrad Tschummi–and his son, same name, served in a CT unit in the Civil War-father made it home safely, but his son died of disease. I did research at our CT State Library and found they had the original handwritten records of the entire tour of duty listing injuries, deaths, pay, punishments for not following the rules–I could follow the entire tour by these original records. They are incredible and a find I never dreamed ever existed. Due to the fragile condition of the large, rolled sheets of paper and the fact that they probably won’t be safe to unroll many more times, I paid to have them copied by the library and now they are safely in a roll in a large mailing tube.

    Anyone looking for Civil War documents, ask at the facility if they have any records kept off site like they do in CT. These were brought to me to read in an enclosed and guarded area and I actually had tears in my eyes as I read them–and they are not even MY blood relatives! You might find your own hidden treasure off site. Thanks for all of the Civil War info you are encouraging!!!

    Barb Stevens genealogybarb@snet.net

  2. Share a Civil War ancestor you are researching:

    Post a comment on Family Tree Magazine’s Genealogy Insider Blog. Choose any blog post where we write about Civil War America.

    A Civil War ancestor that I am researching:

    Samuel Lee Patrick was born 10 August 1833 in Barre, Massachusetts to Samuel Patrick (1790-1844) and Susan Lee Patrick (1799-1878). When Samuel was four years old his family moved from New England to Black Walnut Grove, Ogle, Illinois. Over the next twenty years he attended school, including Mt. Morris and Beloit Seminary, and spent four years gold mining in northern California.

    The Civil War story:

    At the outbreak of the Civil War Samuel Lee Patrick enlisted and subsequently became a First Lieutenant (15 August 1861) and was promoted to Captain (28 March 1862) in the 34th Illinois Infantry at the time known as the "Rock River Rifles." The 34th was mustered near Springfield, Illinois at Camp Butler in September, 1861 and moved to Columbus, Ohio and then on to Kentucky and Tennessee in the winter of 1862.

    Samuel Lee fought in the Battle of Shiloh in eastern Tennessee which was one of the bloodiest battles of the entire Civil War taking place on April 6-7, 1862. More people were killed in the two day battle than in the entire American Revolution and the Mexican War combined; 13,000 Union soldiers died and the Confederates lost 11,000.

    The Rock River Rifles fought with the reinforcements of McCook’s Brigade (McCook commanded the 2nd Division of the Army of the Ohio on the second day of fighting) of Buell’s Army in the Battle of Shiloh, Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee on 7 April 1862. The Rock River Rifles, including Samuel Lee Patrick, arrived in the evening of 6 April 1862 and were ferried across the Tennessee River before dawn. On the second day of battle Samuel was shot through the neck. Samuel lay where he fell all night with his boots filling up with water and blood. The day after the battle was over he received medical care on the battlefield. During his recuperation an abscess formed on the back of his neck and he was sent home to die. Samuel walked home from Pittsburg Landing in eastern Tennessee to northern Illinois a trip of six hundred and twelve miles. The trip took months to complete. Upon arrival at home he weighed less than ninety pounds; his convalescence took over a year. Samuel Lee Patrick resigned because of disability 21 November 1863.

    The rest of the story:

    Samuel Lee Patrick later became a merchant, farmer and Clerk of a District Court in Kansas, but is best known as an Indian Agent for five different tribes–Sac and Fox, Pottawatomie, Shawnee, Kickapoo and Iowa. He died in 1913 in Washington, D. C. and is buried in Chandler, Oklahoma.



  3. I have posted the URL of my Blog. I have started posting the Civil War ancestors of myself and my husband – I have four who served, he has two. Some of these veterans had siblings who served and some of our female ancestors had brothers who served. We both had ancestors who served in the Confederate and Union Armies.

    The current post is that of my great, great grandfather Elias Hays who served in the Confederate Army, was captured and released at Vicksburg. He went back home to Arkansas and joined the Union Army. He died in 1979 at age 50 of rheumatism and consumption, no doubt his legacy from the War. His widow later applied for pension.

    Elias Hays’s son, John Jefferson Hays lived to be 94, dying when I was ten years old – he remembered when guerilla soldiers burned his home during the War.

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