2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference Lineup: First Look

2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference Lineup: First Look

There’s no lines to deal with in our virtual conference, just a stellar line-up of presentations. Get a first look at what we'll be learning in the conference, September 21st - 23rd.

Summer may be just kicking off in earnest, but the 2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference has us wishing it was September already. When you see the conference lineup we have planned, we think you’ll agree.

The following nine presentations are just some of what you can expect from our virtual conference. With 15 presentations, plus a live keynote and Q&As, there will be a plethora of tools, resources and tips to take away.

2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference

Dive into DNA with our Genetic Genealogy Track:

Beginners and more advanced genetic genealogists alike will find plenty of tips and resources with this genetic genealogy conference lineup:

7 Things You Can Do with Your DNA Results

Your DNA results can provide plenty of clues to your family history, and we’re not just talking about where they came from. In this presentation, you’ll discover 7 different ways you can use your DNA test results in your genealogy.

Advanced GEDmatch Tools and Strategies

GEDmatch offers plenty of resources for testers from any company. In this presentation, we’ll cover some of the more advanced Tier 1 and free tools.

Look for more presentations to be announced in our DNA track soon!

Be Tech-Savvy with Websites and Tools

From using your cell phones and tablets on the go to making your Family Tree “bulletproof,” you’ll have the best genealogy at your fingertips.

5 Ways to Make Your Acnestry.com Online Tree Bulletproof

Some trees thrive, while others are rotten to the core. In this presentation, Nancy Hendrickson (author of the Unofficial Guide to Ancestry.com) offers 5 strategies for keeping your tree mistake-free.

Mobile Genealogy: Using Your Phone to Preserve Your Research

Whether you have a few minutes in line at the grocery store or you’re heading toward a cemetery or archive, you can use your cell phone to perform many of your research tasks. In this presentation, you’ll get strategies for using your phone to do genealogy on the go.

Break down brick walls with these Tips and Tricks

From basic research methods to finding and using lesser-known records, these presentations will set you on the fast-track to genealogy success.

Courthouse Records: Genealogy Finds Only You Can Make in Person

While more and more records are increasingly found online, there are plenty of times and places that still require you to be there in-person. This presentations covers the courthouse records you’ll have to go to the courthouse to find.

Genealogical and Historical Periodicals in Print and Online

In this presentation, you’ll learn about lesser-known and different types of periodicals useful to genealogists, especially newer ones, when they will be most useful and how to access them.

Explore the People and Places of Your Family History

In our People and Places track, you’ll learn how to explore your family history all over the globe.

3 Can’t-Miss Online Resources for German Genealogy

James Beidler, author of Trace Your German Roots Online, explores three essential online resources for anyone researching their German ancestry.

Eastern European Church Records

This valuable resource can offer up plenty of clues and new information for those searching their Eastern European ancestry. Learn how to find them and where.

The Night the Stars Fell

This hour-long recorded webinar is a master-class not only in research methodology, but in crafting a compelling story from the findings. Follow along as Angela Walton-Raji shows how one oral history led to finding her enslaved ancestors.

Don’t miss early bird registration! Sign up today to save $40 off the price. Look for more announcements about the conference lineup, coming soon!

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