5 Genealogy Tips to Make Exploring Your Family Tree Much Easier

5 Genealogy Tips to Make Exploring Your Family Tree Much Easier

Discover 5 genealogy tips shared from our Family Tree University courses on offer this June. You'll love the sheer number of tips, tricks and tools you'll have at your fingertips when you sign up for one of our online genealogy courses.

June is going to be a great time to sit back and relax on your porch swing, sip a cool beverage and…find your ancestors? Absolutely! In this day and age, what better way to do your research than to take your tablet or smart phone outside with you while you relax under a shady tree? Technology is making a lot of things possible for family historians that our grandparents would likely envy. This June, we have a fantastic course lineup scheduled, with tons of genealogy tips and tricks for researching your family history. Below, I’ve shared five genealogy tips from several of our upcoming June classes to whet your appetite and get you exploring.

5 Genealogy Tips from Family Tree University online genealogy courses

Become a Tech-Savvy Genealogist

Sure, you probably already use Ancestry.com and FamilySearch to find records, but do you know the best websites and tech tricks for genealogists? Have you explored the ways in which you can combine different types of technology, such as social media and genetic genealogy, to break down brick walls? Much like you wouldn’t build a house with only one tool, you’ll want to make use of the best tools for each part of the job.

In this week-long workshop, The Best Technology for Smart Genealogy, you’ll discover plenty of new tools to streamline your research process and improve your results. Starts June 4th, so register today!

Dive into the deep end of the gene pool

There’s a lot more to your DNA results than a pretty map showing your ethnicity estimates. In Genetic Genealogy 201 (starting June 4th), you’ll discover how to use your DNA results in different ways, working with matches and third-party tools to get the most from your results. While the testing websites offer plenty of valuable tools on their own, a third-party tool allows you to match up your DNA with people who’ve tested with other companies.

“Excellent. It took away the mystery of DNA comparisons and helped me find the tools I needed to go forward in my searches. Thank you.” – Elizabeth S., a former student in Genetic Genealogy 201

Crack the code: German-language documents

Good news! If you have German ancestry, you have a great chance of finding documents because the Germans have traditionally been fantastic record keepers. Bad news! If you don’t speak or read German, it’s hard to tell one record from another.

There is a solution to this dilemma: In our 4-week course, James M. Beidler will be your guide to reading German-language documents.

Discover what the pros know

We all know we should be looking at the city directory, but there’s a great reason to head to the library to look at them in person. Deborah Abbott, PhD, points out that holding one in your hand allows you to see so much more than just the page your ancestors are listed on. In the front and back of the city directories, you may find pages that show groups within the community as well as people who moved away, people who passed, and so on. Learn more secrets of the pros with this workshop!

Walk in your ancestor’s footsteps with Google Earth

Google Earth is a free mapping software that offers so much more than maps. In this course, you’ll learn how to use this tool to walk in your ancestor’s footsteps – without actually leaving home. You’ll be able to take virtual tours of your ancestor’s neighborhoods as well as access map overlays, photos, and even create overlays and customized views. Starts June 25th.

Explore more genealogy tips and resources in June

See this course and all of our June courses at Family Tree University, and don’t forget – for one day only (tomorrow, May 28th), you can take 20% off the cost of any applicable June course with code JUNESAVE20 at checkout. Don’t miss the savings!
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