Explore the Vivid-Pix Fix to Restore Your Family Photos

Explore the Vivid-Pix Fix to Restore Your Family Photos

See why you should sign up for this free live webinar to explore the Vivid-Pix Restore software and learn what Vivid-Pix can do to improve your old family photos and documents.

Enjoy a Free Webinar

If you have family photos or old documents that you’d like to restore and improve, you’ll enjoy this free webinar sponsored by Vivid-Pix Restore, a program designed to bring your old photos and family documents to life with a few clicks.

You can watch the video here without having to log in to your account or get special access.

Vivid-Pix Restore for old photos and documents

This hour-long webinar will contain:

  • Interviews with:
  • Before and afters using Vivid-Pix Restore to improve old photos and documents
  • Demonstrations that show how you can transform your old photos easily
  • How you can export and use the old photos and documents in your genealogy
  • An opportunity to see the images you’ve submitted come to life during the live webinar
Behind the scenes for the webinar preparation
Get a sneak peek at Lisa and Kenyatta at the Vivid-Pix booth at FGS.

Want to see how well it works on your photos? You can give the software a free test run! Give it a try and come to the webinar armed with questions! Rick will be happy to answer them.

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