Genealogy News Corral, April 21-25

Genealogy News Corral, April 21-25

April 25 is DNA Day! A few opportunities to mark the occasion include: AncestryDNA is offering a 20 percent off sale on its autosomal DNA test through April 27 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. Genetic Genealogy testing company 23andme has a DNA testing quiz and a summary of...

  • The Ohio Historical Society (OHS), which also serves as the state archives for my home state of Ohio, is changing its name to the Ohio History Connection as of May 24. The society’s research found that many people interpret the name as exclusive and antiquated. Besides the state archives, OHS runs the Ohio Memory website and 58 museums and historical sites across the state. It’s also undertaking a newspaper digitization project. Read more about the name change here.
  • FamilySearch has added more than 10.7 million images of records from Australia, Brazil, England, France, Italy, Peru, Spain and the United States. You can see the list of updated collections here. Remember that if a collection has a 0 in the “Indexed Records” column, you’ll need to browse those records instead of searching. Click on the collection title to get to the page where you can browse or search it.

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