Genealogy News Corral: March 1-5

Genealogy News Corral: March 1-5

Our Georgia Roots blogger Luckie Daniels (one of the Family Tree 40) spent part of Thursday tweeting during a close encounter with "Faces of America" host Henry Louis Gates. Read how Luckie asked Gates about highlighting the genealogy of “ordinary people,” who, she said, represent America’s greatest strength—and stay...

  • The National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, DC, is holding its sixth annual Genealogy Fair April 14 and 15th. Look for free classes and workshop, as well as a “Help! I’m Stuck!” table staffed with genealogy experts. Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak, author of the “Who Do You Think You Are?” book, will present a talk April 14 at 7 p.m. Also appearing is Andrew Carroll, editor of the books War Letters and Behind the Lines.
  • The state of Georgia announced a partnership with to offer grants for local governments and historical repositories. Eight organizations will receive up to $10,000 in scanning services. will digitize and index records and make them available to subscribers. Repositories will receive digital copies of the records and index; they can make the index public immediately and the index after three years.
  • In other news, the site’s version of the Social Security Death Index will now be updated every week.

It seems like there was something else I wanted to add …. let’s see … oh, right: Remember to watch the premiere of “Who Do You Think You Are?” tonight at 8 pm (7 pm central) on NBC!

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