Genealogy News Corral: July 28-August 1

Genealogy News Corral: July 28-August 1

Want to turn your kids or grandkids (or nieces, nephews and next-door neighbors) into family history detectives? Family Tree Magazine's own Allison Dolan gives tips for doing just that in the article "Summer Project: Turn Your Kids into Family History Detectives." The article also explains how...

  • Wholly Genes software owner Bob Velke has announced that The Master Genealogist software will be discontinued. In the company’s July 29 newsletter, he stated that the market for the software’s advanced features is insufficient to support the infrastructure necessary to continue developing the software. He added that health issues are a contributing factor.

    Official software support will end at the end of this year; sales will continue through September. The user-to-user support forum and mailing list will still be available.

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