Celebrating Black History Month 2018

By Editors of Family Tree Magazine

Ancestor of Pam Ayersman, Family Tree Facebook Follower

February is Black History Month, and at Family Tree we’re excited to spend the next few weeks honoring it with you.  This month, we’ll be sharing quotes, stories and pictures of your African American ancestors. We’ll also be giving tips for researching your African American family members and telling you about exciting new resources.  Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often for new content.

Articles we’ve shared this month

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Civil War Stories

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Stories from History

A short history of African American soldiers before and after the Emancipation Proclamation.

Researching ancestors during the Great Migration.

Your ancestors stories

Our Facebook follower, Pam Ayersman, submitted the following story and two images:

“My great, great, great grandfather, Madison Telly/Tilley, escaped slavery in Tennessee, coming to Cleveland Ohio in the 1830’s. He worked as a boatman and teamster and was later a black political leader and business man in Cleveland. While I have not found any photographs of him, I do have a photo of his daughter and also one of his son and daughter in law.”

Delia Tilley Dumound

“This is his daughter,my great great grandmother, Delia Tilley Dumound”

James and Mary Tilley

“And this is his son and daughter in law, James and Mary Tilley.”

Tell us about your ancestors

If you missed our social media posts, we’re also still hoping to hear from you! If you have African American ancestors, we’d love to share their journey with our readers. We’re collecting quotes, photographs and stories to feature this month in our upcoming content. Send us an email at ftmedit