101 Best Sites: Civil War Soldiers and Photo Reunions

By Diane Haddad

This week, we’re highlighting these two sites from our 2008 101 Best Web Sites list:

  • Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System: Start your search for Union or Confederate Civil War ancestors in this database of 6.3 million soldiers’ names (names appear twice if soldiers fought for more than one regiment or used a different name) from 44 states and territories. Names link to information about the regiments and the battles they fought.
  • DeadFred: If you’re starting from a pile of old photos or you’re looking for lost family pictures, this photo-reunion site is the place to click. Search by surname, and if you find a match, contact the submitter for information. DeadFred’s collection encompasses some 14,600 surnames and 76,00 records, and it’s reunited 1,227 old photos with families.

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