6 Things You Can’t Miss in the 2018 Virtual Genealogy Conference

By Vanessa Wieland

If you’re looking for a good reason to sign up for the 2018 Spring Virtual Conference, here are six reasons our virtual genealogy conference is an event you won’t want to miss.

I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the Virtual Conference! Each instructor imparted additional knowledge to expand my research capabilities. I know without a doubt that I will be listening to a few of them again. – Elizabeth T.

1. You’re Passionate About the Past

If you’re reading this, then it’s probably safe to say that you’re passionate about learning about your ancestry. So are our presenters. That’s the theme of our keynote presentation for this conference, and we’ll be providing plenty of resources to help you explore your family’s past. Don’t miss Paula Stuart-Warren’s live keynote on Saturday, April 7th. You’ll spend a half hour renewing your passion for your research. You’ll also get the chance to ask questions at the end of the presentation.
Genealogy Virtual Conference Spring 2018

2. You’ll Get Past Those Pesky Brick Walls

On Friday, April 6th, the editors of Family Tree Magazine will kick off the 3-day weekend with the first of three live Q&As. For 30 minutes, we’ll answer your questions about getting past your brick walls by using a variety of tips and techniques. Better yet, you can send your questions in advance when you sign up early. Register for the conference online, then send us your questions at

3. You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Our second live chat will happen on Saturday afternoon. Gena Philibert-Ortega will be answering your questions on occupational records and how you an find and use those in your research. Then, on Sunday Shannon Combs-Bennett will answer your questions about DNA Matches. There will be discussion boards open so you can ask your questions in advance.

4. Get on the Board (the Discussion Board, that is)

We’ll have plenty of opportunities for discussion throughout the weekend on our discussion boards, which will cover a variety of topics in the genealogy world. What got you so passionate about your family history? What names are you researching? Our discussion boards are moderated all weekend long, so that means your questions are sure to get answered. Plus, when you participate in the discussion, you increase your chances of winning one of our daily giveaway prizes.

5. Scoop up Some Prize Possessions

Did we mention the goodies? Everyone will end the conference with a virtual SWAG bag, including trackers that will help you organize and preserve your research to cheatsheets that will cut your research time in half. Every day, you’ll have a chance to win one of Family Tree’s newest and most popular books through our discussion boards and other fun activities. Test your knowledge of pop culture families and participate in the scavenger hunt for a chance to win.

6. Make Your Own Schedule

Every single one of the fifteen presentations recorded for the Spring Virtual Conference contains valuable information for finding records, understanding your DNA, researching online and using your results. Our DNA track has new presentations on testing with MyHeritage and Living DNA, plus you’ll gain an understanding of how to use DNA along with social media and technology to unlock your family history. Looking for lesser-known records? Want to explore Sanborn maps and how they apply to your ancestors? Our conference has you covered.

Of course, the best part about our online conference: You can download every presentation and make your own schedule of events. Even the live presentations will be recorded and posted, so even if you have other plans, you won’t have to miss a thing!

I thought it was great to have the flexibility to ‘attend’ at my convenience depending what was going on in my life over those days.” – Mary H.