7 Ways to Celebrate Family History Month in October 2015

By Diane Haddad

Cake made by me at Virtual Cake Decorator

In 2001, Congress first passed a resolution to make that October Family History Month in the United States. Since then, although there haven’t been official resolutions, genealogy businesses and organizations have continued to observe Family History Month in October.

We love a reason to celebrate! Break out the party supplies and do something genealogical, such as:

  • Pick your favorite ancestor or ancestral family and write about him/her/them, drawing on your genealogical research (here are some tips to get started). This could be a few paragraphs, an essay or an all-out book.
  • Use copies of old photos and records, along with genealogical information you’ve gathered, for one of these crafty family history projects. Time and skill requirements range from quick and easy to more involved.
  • Have your kids and grandkids help you with a genealogy project, such as going to a cemetery, visiting old family homes, organizing photos, or making a slideshow to share. Little kids might like an activity book such as one of the Zap the Grandma Gap books.

It’s a great month for genealogy. Enjoy!