9 Divine Decorative Family Trees (and There’s More Where These Came From)

By Diane Haddad

You might have seen my post last year about the decorative family trees I hung in my kids’ bedrooms. Family Tree Shop visitors liked those designs so much that we’ve come out with a new Ultimate Family Tree Charts Template CD with 25 new beautiful decorative family tree charts.

Our designer pulled together a variety of styles for all kinds of home decor—I’ll show you some of my favorite examples below.

Each chart comes in three sizes for easy printing and framing: 8×10, 11×14 and 16×20. They’re type-and-save PDFs, so you can type the names (there are spaces for a family or individual name and his/her parents, grandparents and great-grandparents) and print as many as you want, then save the file to update (for example, if you find out what Great-great-grandma’s middle initial J stands for).

This would be great for gift-giving—get one CD and have Christmas gifts for your spouse, his parents, all five of his siblings and three of yours; plus wedding and baby shower gifts in perpetuity.

I like how this one is a little bit modern and not too serious, and the clean black-and-white lets it fit in anywhere:

This classic tree is the one that comes to mind when people say “family tree.” It makes me think of the gigantic oak in my mom and dad’s front yard:

This whimsical tree would be perfect in a kids’ room or playroom, or in a family room with colorful accents:

Love old maps? Here’s a parchment map design, nice for a library or study:

For a baby girl present (put the baby’s name in the pink ribbon):

I love the kitschy, retro look, even though I’m not talented enough with decor to pull it off at home. This retro tree reminds me of my mom’s old Betty Crocker cookbooks, the ones with recipes for Jell-O salad:

Here’s one with a natural look:

Aqua is my favorite color (and the color of my living room curtains), so I can’t decide between the next two for my house. Maybe I’ll use them both, one with my husband’s tree and one with mine, and frame them with aqua mats. Here they are filled out:

You can see more lovely designs and get your Ultimate Family Tree Charts CD in Family Tree Shop.

(And if it’s genealogy research reference forms you’re looking for, rather than decorative charts, we have those, too: Check out our Essential Family Tree Forms Library CD.)