9 Tips For a Terrific Fall 2016 Virtual Genealogy Conference

By Allison Dolan

Our Fall 2016 Virtual Conference is coming right up Sept. 16-18, with online genealogy learning opportunities in video classes on genetic genealogy and DNA, using, identifying old mystery photos and more; plus live chats; our exclusive conference message boards and more.

Now, you can save $25 on Virtual Conference registration when you enter coupon code FTMSEPT25 at checkout. Register at Family Tree University.

Watch this quick video tour for an idea how the conference works, and take in these tips for making the most of this genealogy event.

1. Once you complete your registration, you’ll receive an email with instructions on logging in to participate. Read through the email (if you have any questions, feel free to email Family Tree University), and be sure to save it. You’ll also get reminders as the conference gets closer.

2. The welcome page has helpful hints about getting around the conference, viewing classes and using the message boards, so check it out.

3. The video classes are recorded, so you can watch them whenever you want during the conference, and download them to your computer to watch later. It’s helpful to watch any you’re especially interested in early in the conference so you have plenty of time to ask questions on the mesage boards.

4. Live chats are scheduled. Be sure to account for time zones when you’re planning your weekend. We post transcripts on the message boards for anyone who missed them (and so chat participants don’t have to frantically take notes).

5. If any live chat topics have inspired related questions, you can get them ready in a Word document before the chat so you can just copy and paste into the chat window.

6. If you have kids, have some independent activities to keep them occupied and snacks ready to grab.