ADVERTISEMENT Updates Date Searching

By Diane Haddad

Sometime tomorrow (Thursday, Nov. 18), you’ll start to notice new options for the date fields on subscription site’s search form.

The coming changes will add an “Add an Event” link to the current birth and death date fields in the search form. Click that link, and you can use a pulldown menu select a type of event—marriage, military service, “lived in,” arrival or departure (the last two are in reference to immigration)—and then enter the year the event occurred.

In search forms for collections in which exact dates are indexed, including vital records databases and the Social Security death index, you’ll be able to enter a day, month and year for birth, marriage and/or death. Some forms also will get an “any event” date field you can use to type in the year of any life event that might be included in a record.

You can get more details and see what the updated search forms will look like on’s blog.