ADVERTISEMENT’s “New” New Search Coming Soon

By Allison Dolan

Subscription genealogy site announced on its blog that it’ll soon be upgrading the site’s “New Search.” ( introduced the New Search in 2008, but kept the old search around because many subscribers preferred it.)

Keep your eyes on in the next few days for a guided tour that’ll give you a preview of the changes. They’re the result of member feedback in usability studies, focus groups, the site’s blog and message boards, home visits with members and more. They include

  • A new search home page that includes a clickable map, links to content categories, and other features to help you find the databases you’re looking for.
  • Changes to the basic and advanced search forms that should give you more control over your search results. According to the announcement, some changes will be introduced this week and others are in development.
  • A way to browse for databases by country, state or county.
  • New ways to track your recent searches and recently browsed collections.

These changes won’t be made in the Old Search, but, writes search team manager Tony Macklin on the blog, “We’ve paid special attention to feedback from users of “old search” and hope you’ll find this reflected in the upcoming changes [to New Search].”