Go Back to School with the 2018 Fall Virtual Conference!

By Vanessa Wieland

Even though it’s been… a while since I graduated, when September hits, I still get the itch to go buy some school supplies and head for the nearest classroom. Then reality kicks in and I remember that I don’t really want to go back to school and deal with all the drama I remember from my teenage years. That’s why I am looking forward to this weekend’s 2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference to fill my mind with new ideas and tools. It’s all the best things about going back to school without all the hassle.

In fact, the 2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference has several advantages. So in that spirit, I’ve compiled a list of all the reasons the virtual conference is better than high school for learning new tips and tricks.

Go back to school with the 2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference

Why the 2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference is better than high school:

  1. History class is more interesting when you’re studying your ancestors.
  2. The research skills you learn are way more fun than a high school research paper.
  3. You don’t need a backpack full of notebooks and pens. Just your computer and an internet connection.
  4. There’s no tests or grades, but there’s plenty of resources for improving your skills.
  5. You can make your own schedule. No getting stuck in a class you don’t like or having to get up early.
  6. There’s no dress code. You can go to class in your pajamas.
  7. The instructors come with a pause button. You can stop the presentations and go back and review the information as many times as you need.
  8. You can drink the beverage of your choice during class. Tea, coffee, wine, or beer? We don’t judge.
  9. We won’t kick you out of class for talking or passing notes, either. We encourage it!
  10. Real life applications. You won’t ask, “When am I ever going to use this in my life?” because you’ll know exactly how you’re going to use them.
  11. The amount of homework you do is up to you!
  12. The snacks are better tasting than what you probably got in the lunchroom.
  13. You can skip the awkward yearbook photos – unless you happen to find one for your ancestors.
  14. No calculus or gym class.
  15. Genetic genealogy is way more interesting than biology class ever was.

More benefits to the Virtual Conference

Want some more reasons to join the conference? Watch this fun video showcasing 5 reasons that virtual conferences are better.

Plus, there is some evidence that continuing your education throughout your life keeps you healthy (and possibly wealthy and wise). Learning advanced skills can help your memory and stave off symptoms of Alzheimer’s, while studies have indicated a correlation between continuing education and better health behaviors overall. If that’s true, then who needs to find the fountain of youth when you can just take an online course?

Don’t miss your chance to get 3 days of genealogy tips and resources. When learning is this much fun – and a boost to your health in the process – you’ll be happy to go back to school!

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