Best State Websites for Genealogy

By Diane Haddad

Location, location, location: That’s what it’s all about in genealogy, because finding out where your ancestors lived is key to locating the records they left behind.

That’s why, for the December 2010 issue of Family Tree Magazine (now mailing to subscribers), we put together a list of 75 of the best US state-focused websites for genealogical research.

As a Family History Month gift, we’ve posted all the state websites online for everyone to check out, free. You’ll find at least one website per state.

Take some time to explore the sites for the states where your ancestors lived—you might find digitized documents, indexes to records, historical articles, finding aids, catalogs of holdings and more. I’ve already mined the Ohio Historical Society website for its death certificates index and the catalog of resources available at the state archives; and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission site is where I learned how to get records of Texas state penitentiary inmates (and thus confirm a family story).

Get more how-to resources for state research, include our downloadable State Research Guides, at Family Tree Shop.