Decorating My “Family Tree” With Christmas Ornaments Made by Grandma

By Diane Haddad

My family’s Christmas tree is finally up and decorated. Well, at least the top half of it is (to help protect it from little hands).

My favorite ornaments are the ones my grandma made. She’d create one for each grandkid (there are 15 of us now) every year. Here’s my collection:

Looking at them is like viewing the evolution of craft. Sewing, painting, beading, needlepoint, cross-stitch, plastic canvas—Grandma could do it all.

Some of the ornaments have the year stitched in or painted on the back. And can you tell I had a thing for teddy bears as a kid?

The angel ones remind me how Grandma would call us “Angel,” and now that’s what she calls my children when we visit.

Each one is a treasure to me. I’d love to hear about your favorite ornaments, too. Merry Christmas!