Digital Public Library of America to Catalog FamilySearch Online Genealogy Books Collection

By Allison Dolan

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) and FamilySearch have signed an agreement that will make’s growing, free digital historical book collection accessible through the DPLA website.

The DPLA website catalogs more than 13 million digital resources from libraries, archives and museums across America. You can keyword search the site’s catalog listings (but not the digitized items themselves) for names, places, military regiments, employers, social clubs and other terms from your family tree.

From search results on DPLA, you can click to view—and usually, keyword search—the digitized item on the holding library’s website.

With this new partnership, DPLA will incorporate metadata from’s online digital book collection, making more than 200,000 family history books discoverable through DPLA’s search portal later this year. Users who find a FamilySearch book via DPLA will be able to click to see the digital book on

The digitized historical book collection at includes genealogy and family history publications from some of the most important family history libraries in the world. You already can search the collection on the FamilySearch website, but listing its contents in DPLA will make the books easier for a broader audience to find.

The March/April 2016 Family Tree Magazine has our how-to guide for finding ancestors in the free FamilySearch digitized books, and our Unofficial Guide to book helps you make the most of all the site’s free genealogy resources.