DNA Day 2020 Discounts

By Andrew Koch
DNA Day 2019 offers several great genetic genealogy deals.

Each year on April 25, genetic genealogists celebrate DNA Day, which commemorates the discovery of DNA’s double-helix structure in April 1953 and the completion of the Human Genome Project in April 2003.

Several testing companies are offering discounts on their DNA tests and services. Read on to discover each of the top companies’ deals for DNA Day 2020.

Family Tree DNA

Family Tree DNA distinguishes itself as the only major testing company to offer atDNA, mtDNA and Y-DNA testing. And through April 26th, all three kinds of tests are on sale:

  • the Family Finder (atDNA) test for $49 (regular price: $79)
  • the mtDNA test for $139 (regular price: $159)
  • the Y-37 Y-DNA test for $99 (regular price: $119)

Family Tree DNA is also discounting its more-detailed Y-DNA tests. For example, you can get the massive Big Y-700 test for $379 (regular price: $449).

Living DNA

Those with British heritage will want to pay special attention to Living DNA’s special offer. Its baseline Ancestry kit costs just $69 (regular price: $99), while the Ancestry & Wellbeing kit costs $99 (regular price: $179). The company is also offering discounts on its standalone Wellbeing kit, plus free shipping on orders containing three or more tests.

Living DNA’s ethnicity estimates stand out for their detailed information about the test taker’s roots in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

MyHeritage DNA

DNA expert Shannon Combs-Bennett says her favorite feature of MyHeritage DNA’s test is that you can view all your results on one page. And like AncestryDNA, MyHeritage DNA allows you to integrate your DNA results with your family tree on the website.

As part of its month-long “Stay at Home” sale, MyHeritage DNA is offering its baseline atDNA test for $39 (regular price: $79) and its Health + Ancestry test for $99 (regular price: $199). The pricing lasts through April 30th.

Other Companies

As of April 20th, neither AncestryDNA nor 23andMe (the two other major testing companies) have announced DNA Day sales for their products.

More Resources

Want to learn more about your DNA, both before and after DNA Day? Check out Blaine T. Bettinger’s bestselling book The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy. The book walks you through the basics of DNA testing—including how to decide which company to test with and what test is best for your research.

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