These Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference Presentations Are Worth Waiting For

By Vanessa Wieland

If you haven’t seen the lineup for the 2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference, you should look at the many, many ways the genealogy conference presentations can help you build your research toolbox. For example, DNA testers will relate to Diane Haddad’s efforts to apply her DNA results to her research. After all, while taking the test can be fun for the pretty maps alone, it’s the applications to your research that really make DNA test prices worthwhile.

Learn How to Translate Records

Just like you, the editors of Family Tree Magazine are researching their own family histories. If your ancestors’ foreign language records are a thorn in your side, you’ll relate to online content director, Patty Craft. She told me, “My parents met at the end of the war. My mother was a young Romanian woman sent to Trieste, Italy from Germany for safety’s sake by her parents. My father was an American soldier from Kentucky stationed in Trieste. So I’m eager to discover the tips and tricks to translate foreign-language documents in the Online Translation Tools and Tips session so I can better research my mother’s side of my family tree.”

If you also have Eastern European blood like Patty, you might also find Eastern European Church Records to be really helpful.

3 Virtual Genealogy Conference Presentations

Likewise, Allison Dolan, group publisher, said, “With my predominantly German family tree, deciphering foreign-language documents is one of my regular research obstacles. I can’t wait to learn new ways to tackle that problem in the Online Translation Tools and Tips session. I’ll even share a few of my own tricks on the message boards!” She’s probably not going to skip the presentation on 3 Can’t-Miss German Genealogy Websites, either.

Compare Notes

If you want to really push your research to the next level, the message boards provide a golden opportunity. This is arguably the best part of the conference people who are the sole researchers in their family. It’s three days of opportunities to compare notes, ask for help or offer tips, and rub elbows with people as passionate about their family history as you.

Magazine editor, Diane Haddad, agrees. “I’m looking forward to being part of the Virtual Conference message boards! I love to see where everyone’s from. I love the exchange of surnames, research questions and answers, and favorite tips and websites. The best is when someone shares a great discovery about their family, and we all celebrate along with that person.” The message boards give you a place to shine.

A Large Number of New Resources

Every virtual conference session provides quality, but there’s something satisfying about seeing the sheer quantity of tips you’ll get.

For books editor Andrew Koch, one session has particular appeal. “I’m most excited for 5 Ways to Make Your Online Tree Bulletproof. I spend a LOT of time on, and it can be tempting to add any and every record the site suggests. But when looking closer, I find plenty of mistakes in mine and others’ family trees. I’m looking forward to learning some strategies for preventing errors. I’ve read both of the books by speaker Nancy Hendrickson, so I know she knows her stuff!”

Virtual Genealogy Conference Presentations 2018 Fall

Practical Applications

It’s all well and good to add to your arsenal of resources and strategies, but a successful research requires an understanding of how to apply them. Our keynote speaker, Judy G. Russell, and Angela Walton-Raji embody that.

Rachel Fountain, Family Tree Magazine’s web producer, is looking forward to watching The Night the Stars Fell. She says, “This hour-long master class will not only teach you about research methodology but also how to compile your findings into a narrative about your ancestor’s life. And isn’t that what we’re all here for, to know our ancestor’s stories? Fittingly, this webinar on narratives will include the instructor, Angela Walton-Raji, telling us how one story passed down through oral history helped her find her enslaved ancestors.”

As for me, I can’t wait for 10 Records You Didn’t Know to Search For. It’s so easy to miss some real gems among the vital, census and immigration records. You’ll discover not only ten new resources but strategies for finding them, which you can apply to dig up other unique records for your ancestors.

What are you most looking forward to? Register for the 2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference early so you don’t miss out on the savings, then tell us in the comments below.

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