Introducing Family Tree Magazine’s New Look!

By Diane Haddad

Fun fact about this cover: We went through a bunch of versions trying to find just the right image for our cover line on Ellis Island. Some photos showed modern-day people on the island. Others showed long-ago immigrants aboard ships, lugging their possessions off of ships, and waiting. We asked each other, our colleagues, and RootsTech conference-goers about images they found most compelling.

You usually want a happy-looking person on a magazine cover. But people who’ve left everything they know and spent a week or more on a crowded ship, only to stand in a long line for a strange doctor to turn their eyelids inside out with a button-hook, generally aren’t smiling. Go figure.

We all love the vintage photo we finally settled on! It conveys the idea of immigration, feels welcoming and has an adorable child to boot.


Our new look

There’s more to our makeover than a streamlined cover and bolder logo. We wanted to provide inspiration in addition to instruction. We wanted to show you how other people have discovered their ancestors, and how family history is relevant today.

So we gave our pages a clean, fresh look that reflects the vibrancy of family history. We made it easier to find information you need with more photos and visuals, and fact-packed content in bite-sized chunks.

I’m especially proud of our article sharing the story of immigrants at Ellis Island. Through words, a timeline and beautiful photos by Meredith Heuer, it connects what immigration museum visitors see there today with what our arriving ancestors experienced years ago. Here’s a sneak peek at a couple of pages:

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Just a few of the other changes you’ll notice:

  • I’m thrilled that our Family Tree Podcast producer Lisa Louise Cooke is joining our regular contributors with Lisa’s Picks, a column where she shares her favorite family history websites, books, travels, projects, apps and more.

  • In our new Timeline column, contributing editor David A. Fryxell shares important developments in historical innovations that shaped our ancestors lives.


  • To help you preserve your own history, we’re introducing a page called Your Turn. In each issue, we’ll share a memory-recording prompt with room to share your response. We’ll also provide a downloadable type-and-save PDF version on our website, so you can save and print your answers. (Keep them in  binder for a memory book!)



What’s not changing?

The expert instruction and tips, great genealogy websites, new resources, state research guides, and other Family Tree Magazine content you love!

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