Family Tree Maker 2017 Introduces FamilySync

By Diane Haddad

Previous versions of Family Tree Maker used something called TreeSync to sync the tree in your software with your tree on Family Tree Maker 2017 uses something else, called FamilySync, to sync your trees. no longer supports TreeSync, so pre-2017 versions of Family Tree Maker will no longer sync with

You still can use your old Family Tree Maker, but your trees will no longer sync. (Note that Family Tree Maker is not affiliated with Family Tree Magazine, which hosts this blog.)

Upgrading to Family Tree Maker 2017

If you bought Family Tree Maker from Software MacKiev since March 1, 2016, you’re eligible to upgrade to 2017 for free. Discounted upgrades are available for some folks who received Family Tree Maker 2014.1 or Mac3.1. Visit the Software MacKiev website and sign up for the company’s newsletter for full details.

Sneak Peek at RootsMagic 7 TreeShare

Another software program, RootsMagic 7, uses technology called TreeShare to sync with Ancestry member trees. The new version also adds research hints from records to its WebHints feature (it offers hints from FamilySearch, Findmypast and MyHeritage, as well).

The post also shares RootsMagic 7 screenshots and asks for folks to be testers.