5 Things I Love About the New Family Tree Website!

By Diane Haddad

Visit our website at and you might notice something different about us.

Yes, we’ve had some work done.

It’s more than just a nip here and a tuck there. We had a complete online overhaul, involving a few dozen people and innumerable working hours to restructure features and benefits, reorganize content and redesign how it’s presented to you.

Here’s what I’m digging about the new Family Tree website:


1. Everything’s in one place.

Now, you’ll access our main site, blogs, Family Tree Magazine Podcast, Family Tree Shop and Family Tree University, all from the new


2. Search it all at once.

To search, type a topic, such as census records or Civil War, into the search box at the top right. You’ll get results both from our online articles as well as the products and courses available in our shop. Just click whichever results interest you.


3. Better browsing.

We’ve streamlined the new website’s organization so it’s easier to find what you want. Look under Free Genealogy Forms & Resources to download our popular free forms and ebooks, and listen to the Family Tree Magazine Podcast.

Click Best Genealogy Websites to peruse our consolidated list of 101 Best Websites. You’ll find genealogy advice, including the Photo Detective and Genealogy Insider blogs, under How-Tos & Tutorials. And don’t miss the link to our FamilyTree Kids site!


4. Register for free.

Create a free account by visiting our Subscribe page and clicking Registered User. (You even can register with your Facebook or Google account.) This gets you our weekly email newsletter, access to all our free content, and limited viewing of Premium articles.

(If you already get the email newsletter, you’ll still want to register with the new site to get the freebies. Use the same email address and you’ll continue to get just one copy of the newsletter.)


5. View all subscription options.

Our Subscribe page on the new website lays out all our online and magazine subscription options—from free to VIP—so you can easily choose the level you want. Be sure to check out our upgraded Premium membership, with access to view unlimited Premium articles and videos. (Our former Plus members automatically have become Premium members.)

As always, we welcome your thoughts and questions. We hope you enjoy the new!