A Look Inside: The Family Tree Problem Solver, Third Edition

By Andrew Koch

The new edition of The Family Tree Problem Solver will give you tried-and-true strategies for overcoming genealogy's toughest challenges.

The Family Tree Problem Solver by Marsha Hoffman Rising has helped thousands of genealogists bust down their research brick walls. Now, we’re excited to release a new edition of this genealogy classic. The book contains practical, timeless solutions to some of genealogy’s toughest challenges, with:

  • work-arounds for lost or destroyed records
  • techniques for finding ancestors with common names
  • ideas on how to find vital records before civil registration began
  • tips for finding individuals “missing” from censuses
  • methods for finding ancestors who lived before 1850

What’s New

This third edition contains all of Marsha Hoffman Rising’s tried-and-true problem-solving strategies—plus new content that reflects how genealogy has changed in the past 15 years. In addition to updated website links and references, this edition also includes:

Tips for assessing online record hints

Massive databases such as have made more and more records accessible for researchers. But with all that data, how can you find the right records? The “big four” websites (,, Findmypast and MyHeritage) each suggest matching records (“hints”), but even these can present problems for researchers. Genealogist Sunny Jane Morton breaks down how to find these record hints on each site—and how to determine if you should accept or reject them.

Strategies for using DNA

DNA testing has allowed researchers to make breakthroughs in even decades’-old genealogy cases. DNA expert Diahan Southard shares three easy steps for applying test results to your research—including how to understand ethnicity estimates, use analysis tools and contact DNA matches.

Organizational upgrades

This new edition makes it easier to find the information you need. We’ve renamed chapters to highlight the specific genealogy problems they address, and a detailed, updated index will help you quickly find your research solutions.

The Family Tree Problem Solver offers practical solutions for genealogy's toughest problems.

The Family Tree Problem Solver is available for pre-order now in our store. Looking for more great genealogy books? We’ve got a list of the 10 most essential additions to your bookshelf.