FamilyLink Ponders GenSeek Road Show

By Diane Haddad

Paul Allen, CEO of FamilyLink, has posted a request for “GenSeekers,” people willing to step out of their lives for a year and drive around the country to meet with genealogists and archivists in small communities. The goal: raise awareness of GenSeek.

GenSeek is a forthcoming site that’s a partnership between FamilyLink and FamilySearch. The site is expected to feature a Web 2.0 version of the Family History Library catalog, along with the opportunity for libraries and other repositories to list their own content.

You can get a notification when GenSeek is ready for launch by entering your e-mail address here.

The GenSeek partnership was announced at the National Genealogical Society Conference in May 2008. This past March, FamilyLink president Steve Nickle gave genealogy Gems Podcaster Lisa Louise Cooke late May as a target release date.

If Allen’s vision works out, the GenSeekers will have all expenses paid, be outfitted with mobile technology, and have a team back at the office to help plan meetings and publish the seekers’ findings. But will the Genseekers have anything to demo?