Flip-pal Mobile Scanner’s StoryScans: Digital Photos With Recorded Memories

By Allison Dolan

Looking through old photos with your family (a fun post-Thanksgiving dinner family history activity) is an often-recommended way to draw out stories and genealogy information. If you have a Flip-pal mobile scanner, you now can capture those stories along with the photos that inspired them.

Flip-pal’s new Toolbox 4.0 software includes StoryScans, a feature that lets you scan a photo, then record the story behind the scanned image on your Windows or Mac computer or iOS mobile device.

The resulting file keeps the image and the audio together, and don’t require an additional player to open. The Toolbox 4.0 includes automated uploads to Facebook, Picasa, Dropbox and Evernote.

You could go to Grandma’s house, scan her wedding photo (without having to remove it from the album) and touch a button to record Grandma herself talking about the day. Read more about StoryScans and see examples here.

Visit Flip-pal’s website to see what else is updated in Toolbox 4.0, check out the system requirements, and click a link to download the software.

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