Gain Major Problem-Solving Skills in 3 Days

By Vanessa Wieland

Stop the presses, because we’ve got an announcement to make! If you’re looking forward to brighter days and better genealogy, you’ll love this fresh take on a conference. We’re kicking the spring season off with the 2019 Spring Virtual Genealogy Conference. The program is already packed with fantastic problem-solving presentations that will introduce you to new tips and tricks for finding your ancestors, and we will be adding even more. You’ll gain major problem-solving skills, especially from some of these potent combinations!

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Build your problem-solving skills

Every presentation is a skill-building presentation and you’ll learn how to work with new websites and refine your research process. That said, there are several presentations designed specifically toward that goal. Learn how to find new records with 25 Online Searching Dos and Don’ts. Then, follow it up with Finding and Evaluating Reliable Sources with Paula Stuart-Warren, CG℠, FMGS, FUGA.

If you’re more interested in genetic genealogy, Kerry Scott of Clue Wagon will introduce you to 3 Steps to Find Missing Parents with DNA. Likewise, Roberta Estes of DNAExplained will explain The DNA You Didn’t Inherit. Plus, she’ll do some DNA mythbusting, so you’ll be able to distinguish fact from fiction.

Overcome your roadblocks

Every researcher hits those challenging roadblocks from time to time. You’ll build an arsenal of fresh tools to fight off your frustrations with presentations like FamilySearch Genealogies, where Sunny Jane Morton will reveal the valuable resources in this underused gem. Follow that up with a visit to the Share Your Stumpers discussion board to crowd-source your brick wall and see what you can learn from your fellow genealogists.

And How to Use DNA Painter with Shannon Combs-Bennett will have you using this cool new site to find out which ancestors gave you specific segments of your DNA.

Discover new records

We’ve already mentioned the 25 Online Searching Dos and Don’ts and FamilySearch Genealogies presentations. In addition to those, you’ll learn how to mine ScotlandsPeople with Amanda Epperson, PhD. Those of Gallic ancestry will learn how to research French Genealogy with Family Tree Magazine founder, David Fryxell.

Keep track of your research

Keeping track of your research is vital to understanding your ancestors’ lives, so you’ll love the 5 Essential Elements of a Source Citation, which will make citing your sources a lot easier to understand. Pair it with Google Drive to Organize Your Research to learn how to keep your research available in one accessible location. However, if you prefer using RootsMagic, you’ll love the Problem-Solving with RootsMagic presentation.

In addition, if your goal this year is to start sharing your family history, we’ve got you covered! First, learn the 5 Best Timeline Tricks for Family History, which will help you to incorporate those into your research. Then, follow that up with 5 Best Tricks to Start Your Family History Blog with Nancy Hendrickson. After all, incorporating your timelines into your blog makes for a great visual way to share your family history.

Put it all together

Finally, researching is a journey and discovering your ancestors can be a wonderful experience. Take a step back and think about the way knowing your ancestors can enrich your own life. Tune into the live keynote with Sunny Jane Morton. She’ll be talking about Revealing Hidden Depths in our Ancestors.

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What to expect from this conference

In addition to all of those presentations, when you attend the 2019 Spring Virtual Genealogy Conference, you’ll get:

  • fresh presentations on the topics you want to know about
  • experienced researchers and instructors sharing their expertise
  • 3 days of additional learning activities, including live chats and discussion boards
  • a digital “swag” bag full of articles, worksheets, and lots of genealogy goodies

Furthermore, we’ll have a lot more to reveal in the coming weeks and months! But don’t wait; sign up now to get the best price on the entire 3-day conference. You’ll get $25 off if you register today; but this deal is only good through Friday, February 22nd!