Genealogy Cold Cases: A Step-by-Step Process

By Diane Haddad

Want a closer look at the 15 video classes in our Winter 2013 Virtual Genealogy Conference, Feb. 22-24? In the next couple of weeks, several of our expert instructors will stop by to share what you’ll learn in their presentations.

Without further ado, here’s Lisa Louise Cooke of the Genealogy Gems Podcast, who’s put together the class Genealogical Cold Cases: A Step-by-Step Process:

When it comes to brick walls, sometimes you need to think outside the genealogy box. Cracking a cold case requires a proven process to guide you through the challenging waters. And in looking for a solid process that could drum up new leads, my thoughts continually returned to criminal investigators. They face many of the same challenges you do, even if your ancestor wasn’t a “black sheep.”

Genealogical Cold Cases: A Step-by-Step Process is a presentation I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and I couldn’t be more pleased to to present it at the Virtual Genealogy Conference. I’ll draw on some of the best ideas from cold case investigators to create a process that can guide you through the lengthy process of breaking through genealogical brick walls.

In each step, I’ll give you a cache of strategies you can put into play right away. Each is designed to keep you organized and focused while generating new leads.

So dig out that old cobwebbed case file you’d just about given up on, and join me in the Genealogical Cold Cases: A Step-by-Step Process class at the Winter 2013 Virtual Genealogy Conference.

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