Google Earth’s Best Updates of 2017

By Ashlee Peck


Google Earth's Best Updates 2017

Google Earth has come a long was since being acquired by the company in 2004. Each update release has provided fascinating new tools and ways to see our home planet. This year’s release may just be the greatest yet.  Let’s check out Google Earth’s best updates of 2017.

Google Earth Voyager

Voyager elevates the Google Earth experience from simply viewing places around the world to actually emerging yourself in the stories of the places your are discovering.  From touring Charles Dickens’s favorite pub, to taking a guided tour of the Galapagos Islands, The Kennedy Space Center, or of the city of Paris, you can prepare to see our planet from an entirely new, and more human, perspective. There are even tours guided by groups like BBC Earth, Jane Goodall, Sesame Street, and NASA available.

Feeling Lucky

While you may be familiar with the ‘Feeling Luck’ option when it comes to your Google searches, it’s a brand new addition to the Google Earth app. If you’ve somehow managed to run out of places you’d like to virtually explore, this option will randomly select one of 20,000 lesser-known locations for you to traverse.

3D Maps

While you could previously view certain buildings in 3D on Google Earth, this newest release has dramatically improved on your 3D option. Now, no matter where in the world you “are”, you’ll see the option to toggle between 2D and 3D views. If you want to really grasp how enjoyable viewing famous locations can truly be, the Grand Canyon is a great place to start.