HistoryKat Adds To Its US Postal Records

By Diane Haddad

Do you suspect your ancestor was a mail carrier or other US Postal Service employee? Or maybe he committed mail fraud?

If so, a visit to HistoryKat may be in order. New postal records include:

  • index to railway postal clerks (1883 to 1902)
  • index to postal law violators
  • “first returns” listing postmaster appointees (1789 to 1832)
  • separation cards of terminated letter carriers (1863 to 1899)
  • records of substitute clerks (1899 to 1905) and mail carriers (1899 to 1903)
  • … and more

Soon to come: postmaster appointments (1832 to 1971) and departmental reports (1837 to 1950). These postal records are hard to come by online.

HistoryKat (brought to you by the same folks who run the Genealogy Toolbox Web portal and TreEZy genealogy search engine) also has records of other government employees, the military, and selected state and territorial censuses. Subscriptions cost $24.95 per year.